Cuanacaquilitl (Dandelion)
In a rural Mexican town, a teenage girl and her best friend search for home remedies to stop an unwanted pregnancy. Together, they discover that despite the vulnerable situations society places women in, sisterhood can help them flourish.

17 min.
Written, directed, & produced by Lorena R. Valencia
Cinematography by Nemo Allen
Editing by Marta G. Tenorio


2022 - Festival Internacional de Cine de Morelia - Worldwide Premiere (Mexico)
2023 - Atlanta Film Festival - USA Premiere
2023 - Human Rights Arts and Film Festival - Melbourne, Australia
2023 - Festival de Cine Oro Negro - Veracruz, Mexico
2023 - The Americas Film Festival of New York - New York City, USA
2023 - Festival de Cine Independiente de la Ciudad de México - Mexico City, Mexico
2023 - MICGénero - Mexico
2023 - Festival Internacional De Cine Por Los Derechos Humanos - Colombia
2023 - New Filmmakers LA Film Festival - Los Angeles, USA.
2023 - Shorts Mexico - Mexico
2023 - New York Latino Film Festival - New York City, USA.
2023 - Highland Park Independent Film Festival - Los Angeles, USA. Honorable Mention Award
2023 - Life is Shorts - Texas, USA.
2023 - Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes Cine a la Calle - Barranquilla, Colombia
2023 - Muestra Internacional de Mujeres en el Cine y la Televisión - Mexico City, Mexico
2023 - 16 days 16 films - UK - Best Short Film


2022 National Board of Review Student Award
2023 Highland Park Independent Film Festival: Honorable Mention Award
2023 16 Days 16 Films: Best Short Film

The Monk & the Rebel
During the Nepalese Civil War, a Buddhist Monk finds his morality challenged when he meets the Maoist rebel who killed his master.

14 min.

Written & directed by Prabhat Gurung
Produced by Hita Kumari Gurung
Cinematography by Nemo Allen
Editing by Juan Blanco García

2022 National Board of Review Student Award
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